Adding flooring from a png image!

Good morning all!!

I’m trying yo add flooring to my model. I’ve attached an image of the floor that I will be using. The planks should be 4-3/4"w x 7-1/3"long. I watched some tutorials but didn’t find the right one yet.
Is there a way to use that image and have the planks on that specific size?
Thank you in advance for any help, I appreciate it!

The image you posted is almost seamless. Trim 2 pixels off the left edge and it will work OK.


I find textures confusing as well. If you look up seamless textures on youTube there are a couple of videos. As far as getting the board size to be exactly what you want, I am not sure. The texture scale tool doesn’t seem that accurate. Maybe you can size it in photoshop or something.

Sorry I am not much help, but I bet someone here as done exactly what you are trying to do.

Let us know if you figure it out.



Thank you so much for getting back to me!!
But these planks are not 7-1/3" long, is there a way to do that? The width is good, but not the lenght.

here, I fixed that one for you :smiley: :upside_down_face:


As Anssi says, trim a couple of pixels off the left hand edge, then save the file and import it (as an image not a texture) into SU. It seems to be 7 planks wide, so scale it so that it’s 33.25" wide. (7x3.25). Then explode it and drag the end edge to make it longer. The image is not quite seamless, but close enough.
The length is a bit more problematic, as when you’ve scaled it to the right width, the planks are about 2ft 9" long. Unless you want to get into some serious Photoshop work, I’d suggest you then just scale the entire image lengthwise until you can measure the correct length between end joints.

Thanks Alan, that helped a lot!!!
I was able to fix that!!