Hardwood Floors?

Hi folks, I am building a room and learning Vray and I need to construct a real nice hardwood floor in a 20’ x 20’ room. I have never done a hardwood floor before and not sure how to resize the floor? I want 4" wide boards if possible. Any tips on how to do this? I tried using stuff from the warehouse and have a hard time on how to re-size the floors?

any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


Is your goal to make a nice rendering, without having a physically-representative model of individual floorboards? To make a nice rendering you can probably find on-line a repeating-tile texture image that has a hardwood-floor appearance (which covers a 3x3 foot space, say), and then apply that as a “texture material” to a single large rectangular face in the SketchUp model.

If you want to model individual floorboards, then it would be fairly simple to draw a basic floorboard as a right-rectangular prism shape (using the Rectangle tool and then the Push-Pull tool). This assumes you don’t need the tongue and groove features of the floorboards (but they would also be simple to create). With a prototypical floorboard component, you could copy it lots of times to create sufficient instances of the component to fill the room. Use the Scale tool to change the lengths of the instances for variety, and to fit them up against the walls. I’m not sure the best way to apply a wood texture image to each individual instance, or if you would be OK if they all had the same texture. I think there is a way to prevent the texture from stretching when the size of an instance is changed via Scale, but I haven’t used textures with SketchUp.

It might be worth investing in some decent hardwood floor textures such as these.


SketchUcation have some nice ones as well…

textures shop

avoiding obvious repeat patterns when ‘laid’ is the real trick…


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Thank you guys!! I think I like the ones Dave suggested!!


I second the ones @DaveR has suggested. Very very good textures!

Another site provides a lot of good textures:

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There are some nice looking textures there, Peter. It’s too bad that there aren’t more long planks for real wood textures. Most of the ones on that site, along with many that are available cover such small areas they aren’t very realistic.

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They have PBR textures too.

Also, for regular seamless textures, you can apply the texture as the bump map to add realism to the reflections.

Another source could be:


Nice looking stuff, and another subscription fee.