Textures "disappear" and get distorted



Hey there :slight_smile:

Currently I am experiencing the issue, that I’d like to apply a image-file as a texture to a plain surface of an object.
When doing so, first it all seems fine, but when I pan the camera I get like a glare or something,.

What could be the issue here?

Thanks in advance!


It looks to me as if you’ve imported the image and are using it as an image instead of a texture. Explode the image so it is applied as a texture to the face and the Z-fighting will go away.

If you import the image as a texture and apply it to the face, you can skip the explode step.

Sharing the SKP file would help us give you a more definitive answer.


That was the exact solution, thank you very much!


Could you ‘Tick’ Dave’s answer as the solution.
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Done :wink:


If you import an image as texture (as explained by Dave), make sure that you are in the context of the target face while starting the import so that you can assign it directly to that face.