Paint distorted graphic

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Just about to start filling in faces with colour using paint bucket. When I fill a face, several other fill at the same time and eventually I get a distorted stretched type graphic appear on the drawing, all in the same colour that I had selected.

Totally new to sketchup,

Any thoughts appreciated, cheers

Hey there. Your screenshot didn’t upload properly. Can you try again?

Thanks for the reply, apologies, I think its there this time

By the look of the screenshot, the thing you’re experiencing is called Z-Fighting. That’s when you have 2 different materials on top of each other. SketchUp doesn’t know which one to show, so you get that flickering effect.

As for applying materials, make sure you apply the material exactly to a face, not a group. If you face is inside a group, it’s best to enter the group and apply the material that way. Hope this helps.

Hi Vahe

I don’t appear to have any items on top of each other.

When I apply paint to certain individual elements it then applies that paint to a number of elements through out the drawing that appear to be grouped. Although I have not asked them to be grouped… or haven’t intentionally grouped them.

Could you share the SKP file? From the screen shot it appears that you do have overlapping faces.

How did you get the drawing into SketchUp? Is this imported from a CAD file or something?

NYA PT 1.1~.skp (273.3 KB)

No the drawing was drawn in Sketchup. I have expanded the border and have moved some elements through select, cut and paste other than that just straight forward draw.

OK. It appears you have some open loops or some non-coplanar edges. I selected the outside area but some of the areas you wouldn’t expect to be selected were indicating they are the same face.

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Is there a fix for this?

Yes. It depends on the reason for the problems in the first place.

A bit of a puzzle then, I’m not sure what I’ve done in the first place, so am not sure where to start with a solution ?

I think you’ll have to pick through the edges and their intersections to look for small gaps.You may need to redraw some of the edges. I’d try to do it for you but I haven’t got time at the moment. I did try projecting the edges onto a new flat surface but that didn’t fix it.

Ok I’ll give it a go, thanks for the feedback and your time, cheers

I managed to fix it for a second and SketchUp crashed! :imp: (Correct me if I’m wrong but) you’re experiencing this: Face Won’t Intersect with Edges

Also, you have an unconnected edge here:

This is in the following part of the drawing, have a look so you can find it quickly:

Also, run a “Fix Problems” command from the Statistics tab in Model Info window. It detects 1 problem for me:

It seems to be working, I’ll keep working my way through the drawing and see if it works out. Thanks again

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Here is a fixed file, no more “cross loops”. Each face is a separately selectable face.
NYA PT 1.1-corrected.skp (287.9 KB)

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Many thanks, that seems to work just great. Thank you. If you got time… how did you do it?

Deleted surrouning face to investigate and restore separate faces / boundaries.

Top left: move endpoint to the left to intersect

Zoom in to clean up short edges

Delete offending short edge

Delete dual face(s) and restore by drawing edges accross


Cheers Wo3Dan, that helps loads, thank you for your time, much appreciated