Overlaying materials

Hi All, 2 quick issues: 1) when I overlay materials onto face the face has a tendency to bleed through the material. EX: Placing flooring from the Materials drop down on top of the face which represents the concrete slab of a building.
Also, when working with an open floor plan is there an easier way to segregate the floor areas in order to place different materials on the different rooms/areas beside adding faces by outlining the area in question by physically tracing in the area with the line tool.
I am using Sketchup Go on my IPad Air Gen 4

Share your SketchUp file so we can see exactly how you’ve set up your model. It sounds like you are either using images instead of materials or you are placing two different faces in the same place creating Z-fighting. Hard to say exactly without seeing the model.

Dave Hi, Thanks a lot for your reply.
That is exactly what is happening (ZFighting). I am placing material from the Material list onto an existing face: my example, adding flooring from the Material tab to an existing face which represents a buildings foundation concrete slab. But obviously this Z Fighting can happen whenever I place material onto an existing face.
So how do you deal with this “ Z Fighting”?
Thanks again

Either delete one face or move one face up above the other. Depending on exactly what you are trying to show it might make sense to have one face divided into inner and outer regions by drawing a shape (rectangle?) In it. Then apply different materials to the face of each region.

Thanks Dave, that’s pretty much what I have resorted to. Was curious if there was a better way to go about.
Thanks and Be Well