Materials just partialy visible on walls and floors

Hi everyone! I can really use some help!

I created a model (see picture) where materials on floors and walls are not loading properly, unfortunately. I spent a lot of time on it and it still looks very bad. How can I solve this?

Components are fine. I cleaned the model, it is 20MB now. I updated my graphics driver (Intel HD Graphics 620). I tried different kinds of materials. Nothing worked so far.

Thank you very much in advance for your suggestions and advice.

This is called Z-fighting and occurs when you have two faces in the same location. You need to remove the face you don’t need or space the objects apart.

Hi Box, Thank you for your quick reply! I put a rectangle on top of the floor and made that rectangle a group, so I can place the components there more easily. Is that what you mean?
So I should remove the ‘extra’ rectangle on the floor surface?

It certainly sounds like it.
If you attach your model we could give you a more specific answer.

Oh that would be really interesting, because I was almost about to buy a new expensive laptop with a better graphics card…
Unfortunately I cannot upload the model here since it is more than the max of 16MB… Is there another way?

You can upload it to the warehouse and post the link here or Dropbox or similar.

Great! I just managed to upload it. It is called ‘Living room Z-fighting example’ by ‘Marieke M.’

I’m not immediately sure how to help you with your model. You are misunderstanding some of the very fundamentals. Basically you haven’t been using groups and components efficiently to separate your geometry and then you have mixed up tags/layers. Then you have doubled up on geometry to add the materials.
I would suggest you start again and model your house using groups and components for logical sections. Walls, floor, ceiling etc, then edit those groups and add materials to the faces contained within. You can assign Tags to groups/components for visibility, turn things on and off, not to separate geometry.
I could spend the time fixing your model (at a later time) but that doesn’t help you understand the basics.

Someone else may have the time sooner than me.

Hi, no worries, I will try to edit my model myself and/or create a new one. I will make sure to remove the unnecessary faces and use the bucket directly on the surface that needs a material.

Just not sure what you mean by ‘logical sections’? -->

  • I use tags (aka layers) for furniture, windows/doors, and walls (that is how I learned in a course) to be able to hide and make visible
  • I use groups for objects and faces that I dont want to ‘stick’ to another object or surface
  • I use components only when I want to reuse an object. In this model I have downloaded almost all components from the 3D warehouse. So some of the tags are related to these downloaded objects.


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