Texture application

HI Everyone,
I’m new to sketchup, but I’m catching up with it.
I hope you can help me solve this issue:

I have applied texture on the table using a projector. That worked perfect.
The problem is that I can hardly see it with all those white areas that appear and change with every view.
Is there anyway to remove or cancel that?


What you are seeing is commonly referred to as “Z-fighting” It happens when you have two surfaces on the same plane. you are seeing one, then the other lapping iver the other. You need to go in and remove the white surface if all you want to see is the wood surface.

Thank you for your reply, I deleted all the materials and colors and started over, but I still had the same problem.
After playing around with the model design, I accidentally found that when I took the face trim off the edge of the table, the wood texture became normal again… strange. I resketched that trim, and it was still fine.
\Maybe it’s a bug or I did something else wrong in the process.

You missed the point @TheOnlyAaron was making: z-fighting results from two distinct surfaces being at the same location in the model, not from the way that materials and colors are applied. It is a visual indication from OpenGL that it is not possible to decide which of the surfaces should be displayed. You fix it by deleting one of the surfaces, not by fiddling with the materials.

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oh, I misunderstood.
Thank you for clarifying. .