Visualization problems, sketchup

Hi there,
I am using a demo and I am getting acquinted with sketchup. I attach a screenshot of a 3d model. There is some kind of visualization problem and it is possible to see a kind of texture instead of a normal view
Something similar happened when I was using the section tool.
I thought it was due to a graphic card problem and I contact the support team for my pc but they told me it was not their fault.

Is there any adjustment I should do?
Thanks a lot

The blue and white “texture” is evidence of Z-fighting. Two faces overlapping so closely that your graphics card can’t decide which one should be displayed in front. Either remove one of those faces or move them away from each other.

Please update your profile with the correct SketchUp version. It current shows you are using SketchUp Free (web) but your screen shot is not from the free web version.