Textures when applied to surfaces do not hold their appearance when orbiting

From your tiny screen shot, it appears you have two faces in the same place. It probably looks like those surfaces are flashing as you orbit. this is called Z-fighting. Deleting one face should take care of it. Could you share the model?

Yes I do have faces connected as in this model I have the wall structure on 1 layer and the tiled shower group on another. Can you not have faces on faces?

That’s not what I said. It appears you have overlapping faces. Two faces in the same place. That doesn’t work.

I’ll ask again, will you upload the model? It’ll be easier to give you the info you need if we can see it.

Upload how and where?

Click on the Upload button in the row of gray buttons above the window where you type. It’s the button to the right of the one that looks like this: </>

Ok I think I have uploaded it successfully as “private” how do you get to look at it?

Where did you upload it too? I do see anything referring to it.

I uploaded it to My 3D Warehouse

So do I need to go hunting for it there? If you made it private, I won’t be able to see it.

Can you just upload it here?

I guess I did the wrong thing - thanks for your time - I will try and figure out why the textures flash in my model when I orbit

Do what I said before. Delete one of the faces on the floor leaving just the other one. I expect you’ll see the flashing go away.

As DaveR stated, you have two faces on the floor and they are “fighting” to be seen. Delete the face that may be sitting in the same plane with the tile.

Thank you all for your help - I have resolved the issue.