Faces of my objects are flickering

I am modeling a bathroom and I think it is on a different setting than normal but I am having a hard time figuring out what it is. when I move my mouse around the best way I can describe it is the wall surfaces are ‘flickering’ the same thing that happens when 2 planes are on top of each other and you cant see either one that well, it goes in and out of seeing each object. I don’t even know if I’m making sense, and when I am not rotating the walls they are fine, but when I rotate them that’s when I’m seeing it. Also, I noticed when I notate items with the text it doesnt look normal- like the outlines arent smooth close up. Anyone have any ideas?

Z-fighting is the normal two face flickering you refer to, but yours sounds more like your model is a long way from the origin. How far away are the global axes?
Attach your model for more specific help.

Ah- I think you are correct. I am trying to get it back- is there a quick way other than guessing and moving it around?

Select it, then start to move it with the move tool, let go of the mouse and type [0,0,0] and hit enter. You dont actually need to type the closing bracket as it should be added automatically.

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GOT IT! Thanks so much!