Surface Flickering Between Transparent and Opaque


Very likely this issue has already been addressed, but I can’t find it mentioned for my particular situation. I am trying to solve an issue with solid surfaces flickering between stages of transparent and opaque as the model is rotated. This only appears to happen when the model is placed upon a snapshot from Google Earth.

Now, I have tried making the particular surface area thicker in height and raising it from the map surface without change. I also see suggestions for Windows users to update their graphics card and/or OpenGL. I am using a one year old MacBook Pro (and Mac OS 10.10.2) that has shown no such graphics anomalies elsewhere, as well as tried the same file on two other Macs with the same results. Yup, I am also using the most recent version of SketchUp Pro.

Any suggestions?

Dr. Z.

It’s called Z-Fighting. It’s what happens when two faces try to occupy the same point in 3d space. The graphics engine doesn’t know which to render so it flickers between the two.

Generally the answer is not to have faces touching each other. If you have two groups touching, remove the faces at the junction or create some thickness. Thickness doesn’t always work because it bleeds through from a distance.

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