Paint bucket glitch when overlaying two colors

Hi folks,

SketchUp newbie alert! All due apologies…

My problem: Every time I drag one element with a colored face over another one, the colors glitch out. The example here: I had accidentally deleted the fill in the interior space (showing as grey in first screengrab). Following @Geo’s sage advice, I re-added the fill by redrawing one edge (2nd screengrab; see how the existing color is glitching). You can see what happened when I then filled the grey space with black using the Paint Bucket (3rd grab).

My set-up: SketchUp Pro 14 (trial version); MacBook Pro (2.3 GHz Intel Core i7) running OSX 10.9.5.

Many thanks for reading.


Hi Matt,

The iridescent flashing you see is called z-fighting; two faces (not fill) occupying the same space.
Aidan explains how to fix the problem in this video:

Also see the Flickering Faces topic on this Page at the SketchUp Sage Site
Share the model and we’ll have a look if you’d like.


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Thanks @Geo! This is very helpful.

I just figured out another fix: the issue usually happens for me when using 3D type. I found if I ‘explode’ it, the problem goes away. Yay for me.

I’d send you my model but I think it might be too horrifying in terms of rookie errors. :smile:



ps “consider hiding the naughty face”; “crinkled tinfoil”. You guys are hilarious.

If you explode the group and all geometry is in the same context, the faces intersect and there are no longer two faces for the z-fighting…

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