Flickering Surfaces - Not exactly z-fighting


I’ve exported a model onto a previous model as the model have coordinates embedded in its data. However, there were remnants of the previous (badly drawn) model which i neglected to delete (with solid inspector) before pasting the new model in. Even after removing the remnants (structural lines, invisible and only visible when highlighted in solid inspector), my model continue to flicker. The only solution i know of is to redraw the whole model, which is impossible as there’s quite a few other models with similar errors.

Anyone ever faced such a problem and know of a solution? Thanks!

Edit: Removed model


I don’t see any flickering when orbiting? Maybe its a display issue?


Sounds like the model is placed a long way from the SU origin, try moving it to the origin.


Hmm, try zooming in onto the pillars inside. Seems like it also only happens in perspective view.


Really dont think so though, all other models that have the remnants removed beforehand have completely no problems, so im quite sure its somehow the ghost of those leftover lines causing it.


Select all of it (group it) copy it further away. That seemed to eliminate the issue.


Hmm flickering did disappear, but only before group is exploded, then flickering came back again, regardless of location the model is in.


Also, make it a component and then save that component.
Open it or import (that component) into a new model. That seemed to eliminate it after exploding.


this is it in a new file. exploded.


Hey it works, thanks!!


Nice, who knows why? I think there was a ghost of your old model hiding in that file?


Pls add ‘Edit: removed file’ because others won’t get that you posted it earlier