Objects flickers


I got a file from a consultant made in revit, exported to dwg format and I imported it to sketchup. When I curcuit around it in perspective view the objects flickers and it seems like some part of it dissappears or get invisible. When I switch to parallell projection it looks normal and the object look like solids again, but in perspective view it remains flickering. Can it have something to do with different reference systems?

My first guess is, there are faces (almost) sharing the same space which could result in flickering.
TheSketchupEssentials made a video about this: How to Fix FLASHING FACES in SketchUp - YouTube

Could you share the model for further inspection?

Thank you for answer. The model is too big to upload here, it is an area with a lot of houses. But I dont have duplicates on objects at the same space…

Here is a screenshot of how it looks, it is only the objects I imported into the file I am working in, that flashes.

Is the model located (imported) far away from origin (0,0,0) and is it also very large?
When you imported it, did you check the box ‘Preserve drawing origin’?
Did you set the scale of the imported model correctly?


You might ask for the Revit user to use a Low detail lever when exporting. High will create faces very near each other, for intance, all the construction layers inside a wall.