Flickering Colours on Import of Component

When I import a component from the 3D warehouse, I am getting flickering of colours, as can be seen in this short video. This has only happened since updating to 2024, and on a mac. I can’t replicate it on windows. Why is this happening?

Switch camera to perspective , zoom to extents.
Does it do the same when you try to import one then?

I’ve just tried it and it didn’t happen when I set the camera to perspective. I didn’t need to select zoom extents. Why would this be happening please Adam?

I suspect you’ve managed to confuse SketchUp by being in parallel perspective and perhaps moving the camera millions of miles away and then zooming in.
The flashing is probably the axis. (You could also try turning the axis off to confirm that)

If you are using scenes, you may need to update the scene to the correct new position.

Yes, turning off the axis resolved the issue too. Thank you!

This kind of problem occurs because of a fundamental aspect of parallel projection: the distance of the image plane from the actual object has no effect on the size of the image. In parallel, zoom works by scaling the image, not by moving the camera. So, it is possible to get the camera at a very large distance from the model contents. At that point, strange errors start to occur because the graphics can’t precisely resolve where things in the model are located.

SketchUp was designed as a 3D modeler and intended to work mainly in perspective while modeling. Parallel projection is meant mainly for final presentation in cases where it is mandatory.

Thank you for the explanation.