Visual display problem

The problem I’m having with Sketchup Pro 2022 is that while rotating the camera around two objects one of them, the top one, keeps flickering making it look like it’s in the wrong position. See example below.
I’m not using any addons.
Please help.

The file is here
test.skp (7.3 MB)

Set Camera > Perspective when you draw smoething. Use Parallel Projection for output 2D drawings.

It will also be useful not to have a component thrown 500 meters away from your model (Shift + Z).

Basics of SketchUp at



  • Delete the table component at 560 m from the origin (along the green axis).
  • do a ‘Zoom Extents’.
  • And switch to Perspective to have the camera at a reasonable distance.
  • Zoom in on the same corner.
  • Now you can switch back to ‘Parallel’ projection and orbit without flickering objects.

As @mihai.s mentioned, it will be easier to model in ‘Perspective’ mode.

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