Corrupt file? erratic display issue

Geometry jumps and displays erratically when orbiting (see attached clip).
It was working fine then it wasn’t. The attached file is an exported component of the larger file. They both behave erratically. All other skp files including saved copies of this model work fine.

Foundation.skp (589.7 KB)

It has to do with the camera’s position when you have it set to Parallel Projection. Switch to Perspective and use Zoom Extents. Do your modeling with the camera set to Perspective and save Parallel Projection for output (scenes for LO, CAD exports, etc.).

It would be a good idea to fix the exposed blue back faces before you get further down the road. That kind of thing is easier to deal with if you fix it when it occurs.

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Fascinating. I’ve used parallel projection for years as my default. I’ve had to zoom extents when clipping occurred. I tried zoom extents previously but it didn’t fix the behavior. I just changed to perspective then back to parallel as you suggested and the problem is gone. Thanks, Dave.

You’re welcome.

Keep in mind SketchUp is designed such that modeling is easier and you’re less likely to induce problems if you use Perspective instead of Parallel Projection.

We’ve debated this many times here on the forum. I think the majority of experienced users agree that parallel is an artificial 2D projection from traditional orthographic drafting views where it is impossible to orbit and scale the view, whereas perspective is much closer to how we see the 3D world and is more appropriate while interactively editing a model.