Orbit issues

When I change views (switch from top to front view) the model disappears

Can you show us what you are seeing? From what little information you’ve provided I’m going to guess you are seeing clipping. If that’s the case, set the camera to Perspective and hit Zoom Extents so you can see the model.

Screenshot 1 is standard top view, then orbiting slightly down gives #2.
it’s like it’s clipping, but takes everything

here’s screenshot 1

putting it into perspective doesn’t seem to do anything, except it sometimes lets me orbit a little more.

What do you see if you click on Zoom Extents?

Why are all of your faces reversed? The blue color is the back face color. It shouldn’t be visible in your model.

SketchUp is designed for modeling in Perspective. Save Parallel Projection for exporting plan and elevation views.

zoom extents doesn’t change anything. I was thinking about uninstalling and reinstalling sketchup.

here it is after clicking zoom extemts

If you can share the skp file, folks here will look at it and see whether they can find a problem

Thanks, kind of weird.

C & G model 1.skp (2.1 MB)

You’ve got a couple of edges that together are 2,147,473,648 feet long. That’s 406,718.49393939 miles.

Because of that you wound up with the camera set strangely. I’ve fixed it here.
C & G model 1.skp (110.1 KB)

You still need to fix the face orientation and it would be a good idea to learn about using groups and components as well as correct tag usage. Maybe spend some time going through the tutorials at learn.sketchup.com

you’re awesome! Thanks!

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I will go through the tutorials…

One of the reasons to build your model in perspective is that in parallel the camera can get very far from the model with no visible indication until something like your zoom issue suddenly happens.

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