When I orbit in my model the surface change and size of component seems to change at certain views

I have no idea what I did - I’ve tried fixing it but I’ve made it worse. Any suggestions or offers to fix it for me?

What happens when you set the camera to perspective?
You might need to hit Zoom Extents, too (Shift-Z)

ugh thanks - such as easy fix. I was going back to perspective but not hitting zoom extents

When in Parallel mode, the camera position can get very far away.

Okay - great to know. I wasn’t sure why that was happening. Thanks again!

Mike beat me to the punch about the parallel projection mode problem. It also seems like you might have a “z fighting” issue. Referring to the odd blurry look to areas of the floor. Z Fighting is when two faces of the model are in the same space. SU can’t decide which to show so you get a strange flashing blurry effect when you orbit your model. Can’t be 100% sure without looking at the actual model.