Disappearing when orbiting

when i orbit my model , it disappears. I use extents to find it, zoom in again, orbit and it disappears again.

I have deleted everything except my model, by using the ctrl a, then deselect my model, delete, to make sure nothing is far away , gone rogue, from my model unknown to me.

I have located my model close to the axes points.
I have camera mode as perspective not parallel.

Could this be a windows upgrade bug? I’ve had issues with the select tool being painfully slow following a windows upgrade?

Any one got any info?

Perhaps you can share the SKP file. That would let us check to see if it’s computer related or something else.

Your profile indicates you are using the web-based free version. Is that correct?

Have you reviewed the local axes of groups/components (e.g. with Model info → components → show component axes)?
(Sounds like you have already read through these hints?)

Did you check all your layers & hidden geometry? Is it possible that there’s a locked group that wasn’t deleted? Did you use leader text? Sometimes leader text does that.

Sounds like the dreaded clipping plane issue. You can search for it here on the forum.

Im using sketchup make 2017

It helps if you create at least one scene that displays your model. Clicking the scene tab brings back the model. Then playing with the camera location and FOV (field of view) may help to get you back on track.

We’re still no closer to helping you sort out the disappearing model. Upload the model or at least show us screen shots of what you are seeing.

Please correct your profile, then. Since you are using SketchUp for your business, you need to be using SketchUp Pro, anyway.