Part of the model removed from different angles

To community, when circling to the back of a model then most and sometimes all the model is lost. And when returning to the front of the model it returns in view. The orbit tool and magnifying glass tool affects this only when up close. It works fine on all sides of the model when further away.

Sounds like you are describing clipping. Make sure you have the camera set to Perspective and that you haven’t got anything located at a huge distance from the rest of the model. If you share the model we can surely give you more direct advice.

thanks, actually I’ve looked at some youtube tutorials and it did help for a while, then the problem came back. I’ll upload the model in Sketchup in the next message for possible advise, Jeff

I think this is right link. There are several other models in the program, but the one model on the axes point a rectangle shaped window frame has the missing views of the back side. So the front view is fine, but when navigating with the orbit tool to the back it cuts out portions of the model, thanks

Z Practice SU.skp (7.8 MB)

This is the problem. It’s huge!

More than 23 miles in it’s long dimension.

Delete that thing and I expect the clipping will go away.

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I used the instant window extension which is a paid extension. How could this have been the wrong size after the download?

I measured with the tape and shows 73’ x 28’ .

That thing is labeled as a Google Earth Snapshot. Not sure how you got that thing in your model since SketchUp hasn’t been able to use Google terrain or snapshot for years.

The image uploaded is a screenshot is not from google earth.

You’re not looking at the same thing I am.

Did you receive a different model? The first model should have been this window.

I’ve already opened the same link that was uploaded on this community dialoge and it shows the same image as the screenshot

Turn on the tags that are not being displayed.

thanks, will check the tags to see if it helps

Yes, the location snapshot was turned off. I’ve used google earth in other models but not this one. So don’t know how it got in here because its a new model project.

Did you create a custom template? Did you download something from the 3D Warehouse?

Yes, the other models in the same sketchup layout, I’m using for color to edit the window frame were from 3D warehouse. But the window frame is from “instant window and door” extension. I’m not sure what is meant by custom template. The uploaded model is a new template and created today.

I also deleted all the distorted landscape terrains that some how got into the model, which opened after checking tags.

Not sure where it came from but you have a bunch of ancient geo-location stuff in that model. As I wrote, SketchUp hasn’t been able to use Google terrain data or imagery for years and it’s been more than a decade since they use Google Earth data so you must have picked up something old somewhere.

Evidently you’ve got a lot of unused stuff in this model.
Screenshot - 5_30_2021 , 3_55_08 PM

Almost a 90% reduction in file size.

Z Practice SU.skp (850.9 KB)

As mentioned I’ve used google earth while working on other models for reference.
But I’m using geo-location to install landscape design for other model projects.