Strange Behaviour When Using Orbit Tool

When orbiting around, part of my model disappears. I’ve experienced this a few times. Does anyone know what is going on? Is there any way to prevent this? Thanks

It’s called clipping. There are numerous threads on the topic. Set the camera to Perspective and hit Zoom Extents to move it back out of the model.

Best practice is to model in Perspective not Parallel Projection.

Hi Dave. Thanks for the quick reply! That’s fixed it!

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Good deal. I’ve never really understood why folks would want to model with the camera set to Parallel Projection. It’s great for certain things like creating 2D views of the model or making iso views for machinists but I was taught to see things by people like Fillipo Brunelleshi and Masaccio so I want to see lines run off to vanishing points. :wink:

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