Models appear clipped in sketchup free

the clipping changes with orbiting but almost looks like a section …is this a memory or graphics card issue ? i’m using microsoft edge browser - is there a better one ? if it’s my system is there any point upgrading ?

Looks like you are probably working with the camera set to Parallel Projection. Set it to Perspective, hit Zoom extents and then proceed with your modeling. Save Parallel Projection for showing elevation or plan views but do your modeling in Perspective.

thank you - toggling between parallel and perspective gets rid of it !

Generally speaking you should be working in Perspective mode most of the time and only use Parallel projection for specific views. The zoom function, for one, doesn’t work the same way when in PP. Zoom when in perspective effectively increases or decreases the magnification whereas PP moves the camera itself back and forward, so to speak, which explains why when you swap to Perspective the view can jump a long way back…
I’m sure someone can give a better, and very probably more correct, explanation, but that’s how I keep it straight in my head.

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