Seeing inside the model when changing view

Hi All,
I am working on a model, but I am running into the issue that sometimes when I orbit my view, my model does some weird stuff. It almost makes sort of a section view, based on the angle I am looking at the model. It is only possible to get back the full view of the model whenever you try to orbit back in the direction I came from. Could this have something to do with my graphics card or is something else wrong? Screenshot and file are attached. Operating on windows 10 with a graphic card intel 620. Thanks in advance!


3D model V3 (m).skp (204.8 KB)

It sounds like you are running into what is known as “clipping.” You can do a search on the forum. Many threads on the topic. Two primary causes are working with the camera set to Parallel Projection as you are in your file, and having geometry situated at a great distance from the origin relative to the rest of the model. Switch the camera to Perspective and model that way. Use Parallel Projection when creating scenes.

Note that when you switch to Perspective, the camera will appear to be nearly in contact with the model. Zoom out so you can see the model again.

Thank you very much, knowing the term helps a lot!


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