Strange model View, like

I recently switched to Sketchup Pro subscription. Before I used SketchUpPro-2020-0-1in trial version.
Today I am with 2020-2
The model I created with my old Install, worked very fine. I created several Scenes and they all looked great (at least I liked them). Look here:

This scene I added to my Layout presentation, where I have this screenshot from.

Opening the same File in my current install, the same scene looks like that:

This is just an example, the problem is not related to this scene only, the problem is the same if I orbit through my model and if I get close to an object.
I know this kind of effect, when I orbit Paralell View camera setting.
But in this case I am in Perspective mode, as you can see.

I tried to open the same modell in Sketchup for Web. The Problem is the same.

Somehow the problem has to do with my drawing, if I start a new drawing and draw something, I can orbit through that model without any Problem.

I hope I could describe my Problem in detail and find someone that can help me with this issue.

I just compared my file to some oder revisions that I have saved earlier. They show correctly.
The Main difference of those files is that I have added some Terrain Context data from “digital globe” and CADMapper Following this tutorial SketchUp for Landscape & Site Design

Your second screen shot shows something called clipping. There’s lots written on the forum and a quick search will turn up more than you need to know.

A common cause is the model or at least some part of it positioned at a great distance from the model origin. Best modeling practice is to keep the model near the origin and to avoid stray geometry off in the distance. Also large stretches of terrain can contribute to this. Clicking Zoom Extents can help you figure that sort of thing out.

Ha, OK, now I know more about CLIPPING :frowning:. I wish I would never have met it.
In my case the

that I added to my drawing was too spacious.
removing it did not bring the model back to its previous state, but improved the Situation.

I think, it will never disappear from Sketchup, but maybe it will get better:

I wrote that during the 2020.1 period, where if you went up close to a surface while in Parallel Projection, clipping would happen some distance before you got to the surface. It was only that variation of clipping that I was writing about, and it was fixed in 2020.2.

The kinds of clipping that have been around forever can still happen. In the case that you posted I think it is happening because how far away to furthest geometry is. That may be buildings or terrain. Unfortunately, hiding those things doesn’t stop them from causing a problem.

How soon it clips seems to be in proportion to the distance to the nearby object and the distance to the farthest object. Not as a length amount, but as a proportion of the size of the scene. I found that if I scaled up the featured item to 100x, clipping went away, because now the object took up a bigger percentage of the depth of the scene. I don’t know how practical that would be to work, but you could make the house and its surroundings be a component, at the right size in the scene, and have a second massive copy to the side, where you would do all of your work, and that would also show up in the normal size version.

In a sense it’s a clipping issue variation of the Dave method.

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