Model disappear while orbiting, clipping issue, no solution found in the forum

Hi Community,

I’m new in the community, I searched already in the forum for the clipping issue, but up to now no hint helped to solve the issue.

I built a model with a house with the free Sketchup web version with the dimension format 0.0m and precision 0.00
The max. length of the model is approx. 18m.
The model starts at the origin point (0,0,0).
No far away geometry, no hidden geometry far away.
I changed to the parallel view mode, but it doesn’t help.
I can’t change the view angel (menu topic is grey).

Always, when I orbit the model more than a few degrees the clipping starts.

I’m using a Mac Mini 2012 with 16GB RAM and build-in Graphic.

Any suggestions?

Thanks & BR,

If you attach the model we may be able to spot the issue.

FOV (angle) is a perspective thing and naturally has no meaning when using parallel mode.

The clipping issues that are caused by far away elements are usually elements that you didn’t intend to be far away. First thing to try is to switch to Perspective and then Zoom Extents. If what you see doesn’t look right, there is likely to be far away elements to fix.

There are a number of topics that give solutions to that, but one you can quickly try is to do a left to right select around the middle of the scene, where the nearby geometry is going to be. Do a Copy, New, Edit/Paste in Place, then Zoom Extents to see if it looks better.

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Hi colin,

many thanks! The hint with “zoom extents” helped. In fact there was some old text “far away” and normally not visible.
Now the orbit function works perfect!


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Thanks for the update. It is more often than not a text element that is far away.

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