Clipping (Yes I know)



I’m new to the forums. I’ve looked through different videos and work-arounds but I can’t seem to get rid of the clipping issue. My model is made up of several different components, a few different saved cameras and a google earth site map (not topo). I’ve used the zoom extents, I’ve adjusted the field of view, I’ve even deleted the google earth site to no avail. It is not a section cut either. Turning the shadows on and off seems to increase the ability to zoom in on the model as well. (The model is average size (85’x62’) the site was much larger.

If someone could help with the problem, I would be very appreciative.


Model Clipping (Camera Array)

Where is the model relative to the origin? If they are at a great distance relative to the size of the model, you can get clipping


Are the cameras from the advanced camera tools? ACT cameras can have enormous frusta that aggravate clipping.


the model is directly on the origin


Yes, the cameras are from the advanced camera tools


Maybe get rid of them?


After, deleting them, it still seems that ‘the damage is done.’ The clipping remains


Parallel Projection of Perspective?

What happens if you copy the model from the current file and paste it in place into a new one?


It was actually in both modes. I had to revert to a previous save. Do you have any recommendation on how to save views that are not ACT?


You can create scenes without the ACT. Although I have ACT installed, I have never found a need for them.

Did you try my last suggestion?


I see this too - I wonder if they are 25.4 times too large, and this is yet again one of the metric vs. imperial problems that pester metric users of SketchUp.



Hi Guys–,

Turn Off “Perspective View” in the Camera Tab, and the problem is fixed, why this simple explanation is not in the help files i will never understand,


Because that’s not generally the fix. It’s much more common to see clipping with the camera set to Parallel Projection (Perspective Off) than it is to see it in Perspective view.


My biggest problem with clipping is with metric survey files in metre units. I am still trying to work through the issue to find the best work around.

Survey files need to have precise geometry in relation to a known datum, so can’t be dumped in at the origin (without determination of the exact origin shift, etc.). I always move the model by a convenient and simple N, E shift to get it close to the origin, otherwise the screen rendering is wobbly due to the huge coordinates.

I sometimes find that clipping is worse with perspective on.

It also seems that clipping occurs when you view the model from a particular quadrant. If you position the viewing point to a different quadrant in space the clipping doesn’t happen. That is pretty limiting, however, when manipulating the model for editing.

Scaling up the survey by 1000 seems to eliminate the clipping. Reducing the window accuracy by 1/1000 doesn’t have that effect unfortunately - I wondered if it was an accuracy issue.

Unfortunately, scaling by 1000 is only convenient if the scaling can be done relative to the origin, but that requires putting an object at the origin to “anchor” the selection, or manually shifting the scaled selection after scaling. Then the model is not true to its units.

There’s still something very fishy about the internal calculations that results in clipping. I can’t believe it can’t be solved by revisiting the internal methodology. Clipping has to be the biggest bugbear of Sketchup.


The developers have never, so far as I know, documented anything about how or when the clipping frustum is generated for a view. Most likely the details are considered too technical for mere mortals like us. So imperfect workarounds that don’t always work are all we have.

I wonder, could they add a “reset clipping” item to let a user manually restore a non-clipped view without messing with camera projections? What do others think: would this be a good feature request?


After a more methodical application of the scaling procedure mentioned in my post, it does appear, at least for my model and survey, that the clipping problem goes away if I scale my survey file and everthing else in the final model by 1000.

The extension “CLF Scale” allows scaling about the world axis so that relative positions are not compromised. The resulting model seems well behaved.

This works for my metric (1m unit) model and topographic survey. I can’t say whether an imperial survey would behave differently.

I don’t know how (computational) accuracy might be affected.

I don’t know why this procedure seems to work. I can’t think of a plausible explanation.


This has been driving me nuts for years.
Sometimes I get round it by copying my whole model into another file but sometimes that just brings the bug too.
Othevtunes I fudge it by camera/field of view and taking it down to 6 or something and zooming in.