Object flickering problem

I am working with various groups and layers.
There was no problem, but suddenly the problem of flickering continues like the problem with the video.
I looked it up and there is a flickering phenomenon when there is an object far away, but I confirmed that there is no object anywhere other than the video.
If the group or layer exceeds a certain level, I will try to see if this phenomenon occurs or if there is a solution.

Looks like Z-fighting. With that many extensions I assume you understand that when multiple planes occupy the same location in space the graphics card shows both planes competing. Can you upload the .skp file so we can check?

As @endlessfix mentioned, Z-fighting between different faces beeing displayed in the same location.
You say there was no problem at first. Could be that the yellow groups/components on the ground floor were glueing groups/components with “Cut Opening” property at first. And now somehow lost that specific property.

Thank you for your answer.
I can’t send the whole thing, so I’ll cut the area on the first floor and send it. The symptoms are the same even if you erase all the other layers.
error file.skp (7.9 MB)

I’m not seeing any issues with navigating the model. I suspect you may have caused some problems by working in Parallel Projection mode and getting the zoom all screwed up.
Work with things in Perspective mode and only Use Parallel Projection for fixed flat images.

By the way, you need to learn about purging, the model you uploaded still contained a huge amount of ‘stuff’.
Removing it reduced the file size from 7.88mb to 1.0mb


Thanks a lot. It worked out easier than I thought I don’t think I knew because I worked on so many objects and so many data. I’ll refer to the purge part and apply it.