Can Someone Help Me Texture a Complex Chair with Rattan?

Someone who can help me to text a complex chair with rattan? preferably with Wrap-R plugin.

Hello @visual and welcome to the Forum!

When asking for help, you should provide as much information as possible in order to receive the help you desire. In this case, it would be wise to upload the model you are working on (or at least include a screenshot of the issue you are facing) to eliminate all of the guesses that other users may post.

Probably the most simple way to put a texture on a model is to capture an image of the texture you want to use and apply that to the model.

Here are links to several threads describing the process.

Texture 1

Texture 2

Texture 3

You can search the forum archives to locate even more information on this topic by clicking on the magnifying glass icon to the left of your avatar and typing in the relevant words.

If you are seeking to enlist the assistance of a paid consultant under the Commercial and Collaborative Work category, that should also be stipulated in your post.

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