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I’m trying to apply textures to a ply chair. With help from @filibis explaining projected textures, I’ve got the desired texture on the curved faces. But now trying with the same practice to apply a ply edge to the chair it doesn’t work.

Any help appreciated

Model is too big to share here so on the 3DW. Search - ply chair Scooter

There is the answer from Thomas Thomassen

I’m sorry Scooter, but without something to go on, at least an Image/screenshot, your question is a bit like saying…
I have a green banana and bob helped me to make it yellow but now I want it to have stripes and I don’t know what you mean by, is it ripe?

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Of course.

I’ve looked briefly at the quad tool but not that familiar with it yet.

Scott, the first thing you need to do is crop your texture image so the white areas top and bottom are eliminated.

It would be much easier to apply the material if the edge surface of the plywood was made of quads instead of triangles.

Cheers Dave.

Ive recently purchased thomthom’s SubD and quad face tools and not yet got to grips with it yet. This is not something I’ve modelled myself so is it possible to change the geometry to quads or triangles?

It doesn’t work because it basically ‘projects’ the image from top to bottom. So it’s not that suitable for the edge of the chair.

robertjuch shared a good source on this, i suggest trying that.

Also you can have a look at this plugin: SketchUV. ‘Box mapping’ feature of that plugin should do the job for this case. You can watch the videos developer provided.

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