Projected texture glitch

Hello. I’ve been trying to texture some curved surfaces on my model. I’m aware that you can project the texture from a flat surface onto one that is curved. I have tried this method on one surface and it worked flawlessly, but now when I select texture/projected on another surface that texture becomes highly stretched. I was originally working in Sketchup 2016, but downloaded the 2017 Pro trial to see if the issue still came about. It did.

Is there any way to fix this or is it just a glitch in the software?

Before selecting “Projected”


Here’s image #2 since I can only embed one image as a new user…

After selecting “Projected”

How about uploading the SKP file with the texture?

If the surface you are applying the texture to is flat, there’s no need to use Projected anyway.

SKP attached. The surface I am trying to texture is in fact not flat. In the model I have placed a flat textured rectangle in front of a rocking chair. This texture will be projected onto a few of the curved surfaces of the chair behind. However, when I right click on the rectangle’s surface and select Texture/Projected, the above image is the result of making this selection.

This is the issue I’m trying to figure out.

bearisland-house.skp (2.4 MB)

Projected textures need to be applied to faces or surfaces.
They can produce unexpected results when applied to groups or component instances…

Right… Which they will be, but I’m not at that stage yet. I’m still attempting to set projection on the source texture.

I don’t understand why you think you need to use Projection for the texture at all.

I re-textured your chair using part of that huge image. There is no projection used anywhere in this.

Were you able to do this using only the texture sheet or did you import a snippet of that texture? I know I can use a snippet or a seamless image to texture the chair easily, but since this model will end up in a game, I need to utilize the texture sheet to help with performance.

If you did use only the texture sheet as the source, do let me know how you pulled it off.

I did make a snippet of the texture but I could have done it without that by simply applying the texture to the faces and moving or rotating it to suit. I applied the material to all the faces in the components and not to the components themselves. You had a strange mix of application.

Gotcha. I’ve been playing around with the model a bit more in the last half hour or so here and it seems like I just solved my problem. Either there was an issue with the texture I sampled onto that rectangle or it didn’t like the fact that the model was at an angle.

After straightening out the chair and rebuilding and texturing the rectangle, the texture is now being correctly projected.

But you still don’t need to project the texture at all.

You won’t need to project the texture, as Dave mentions. I’ve taken a little time to find these links you may find useful:

SketchUp skill builder:materials on components.

Sketchup skill builder: texture tweaker:

An example of texture projection:

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