Projected texture distorts when clicking out of the group


When i place a projected texture on a curved surface it goes on fine (image 01) but when i close that group it distorts(image 02)???

Aprojected texture should be distorted when it is applied to a curved surface as you’ve done. It’s taking on the projected property when you click out. In a case like this you don’t want a projected texture.

Think of projecting a texture as working in the same way as a movie projector’s image when it’s pointed at a curved wall. In your model you don’t want a projected texture.


Not projected:

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I have tried non projected also but it looks as bad

May this be geometry issue with the object?

Could be due to the way you are applying the material. It can be done natively (I did in my example) but you might look at Thru Paint by Fredo6 at Sketchucation. It can apply textures to curved surfaces intelligently.

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Okay thanks I will give that a go!

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I’m wondering if there is an issue with scaling. Your second image shows the curved group nested inside something else. Can you share the model so we can check what is going on.

This happens to me in clothworks if I haven’t applied the texture at the right sequence of steps… Dunno if you’re using clothworks.

I’ve had very good success with textures and Clothworks. I generally start with the flat fabric and run Clothworks. When I’m happy with the result of the fabric I undo back to flat, apply the material to that and then redo the draping. The seat and back cushions were upholstered using Clothworks and the blanket was done with it as well.


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Thank you. I think it was cut off of an old calendar and stuck in a cheap frame from the craft store. :crazy_face:


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