Projected Texture problem

Hi everyone. Facing a problem where projected texture wont fit properly. Any suggestions on how to solve this?

cushion.skp (2.0 MB)

Are you referring to the way the texture appears on the sides of the cushion? If so, it looks right for a texture projected vertically. The right thing to do, though would be to create a vertical face with the texture on it and project that onto the side of the cushion. You’ll want one that runs generally parallel to the short side of the cushion, too. Make sure you are applying the material to the faces and not a component/group container.


In this case the top and sides are a different group. How can this be solved if the entire cushion was as one and i couldn’t select top and side individually?

The sides and top and bottom are not in different groups in the model you shared.

I did what I told you to do. after I reduced the softening in on the cushion a bit so each of the four “sides” of the cushion could be painted individually. After getting the material applied to the sides, I resoftened the edges.

Tried it and worked. Appreciate it.

In case the cushion was one would you suggest the same approach?

The cushion is one lump of geometry and yes, I would recommend the same approach. Remember that “projection” is the presentation of an image on a surface. If you want to project the image (texture) from one surface to another as in the case of this cushion, the first face needs to be close to parallel to the second for the projection to be correct. Here an example that ought to be easier to understand.

I applied the tile texture to the vertical face in the foreground and set it to Projected. Then I applied it to the angled face. You can see how the hexagons got distorted.

From the front, though, the texture on the two faces looks the same.