Texture Issue - Rendering in a Circular Pattern


I am currently designing a cushion that I want to apply a texture to but I am having issues with how SketchUp is rendering the texture. To make the cushion I used the soap bubble extension, so the surface is not flat. It is applying the texture in a circular pattern around the center of the cushion. I’ve included a picture to illustrating how I want it to render vs how it is rendering.

Any advice is welcome.



Hi @landruma,

You might want to try this trick.

If it doesn’t help, UV mapping will.

Hope this helped :smile:

Thanks for the response, @denisroy.

The first trick requires way too much work when you consider the hidden geometry. For every single polygon I would have to reposition the texture.

And the UV mapping doesn’t seem to work on curved surfaces. I can get it to work on flat surfaces but not on a 3D surface.

Another option that might work adequately for you is to make the texture on the flat rectangle projected. Then sample it from the rectangle and apply it to the skin. This often works well for me for applying textures to curved surfaces.

Thanks for the response, @DaveR.

I’m assuming you are referring to mapping a texture/image to a curved surface, like this example. If so, I’ve actually tried that as well but for whatever reason it doesn’t work. I assume that is because the cushion’s surface is bubbled out. To obtain the cushion shape I used the Soap Skin & Bubble extension.


Here’s how I projected a texture on a Soap Skin Bubble surface without any problems:

  • Create a closed loop of minimum 3 edges (as required by the SSB extension)
  • Select these edges and make a SSB surface and subdivide it to your taste. The extension will then group it automatically.
  • Select the group and apply some pressure to get desired curvature
  • Enter the group (by double-clicking on the SSB surface)
  • Make your perpendicular plane above the SSB surface.
  • Paint the plane with desired texture and make it projected (right-click → texture → projected)
  • Triple click on the SSB surface so as to select all faces.
  • Using the paint bucket tool, hold ALT and click on the plane to sample from it and paint all the selected SSB faces in one click

I’m a bit short on time for a video but this just works for me.

Try to attach your file by drag and dropping it or using the upload button which is the 7th button from the left on the top bar of the forum editor. I’ll be leaving home in a few minutes but someone can surely try and help you out if you still need assistance

Good luck :smile:

Here’s what I meant:

First, you can see that when I applied the material to the curved surface, I got a similar circular pattern like you did.

So I drew a rectangle directly above the curved surface. It doesn’t have to be directly above and in this case could be next to the curved surface but if the material was something like a sign, the arrangement I show makes it easier to get the texture positioned correctly. I applied the material to that rectangle. Then right clicked on the face and chose Texture>Projected.

Then I used the eye dropper to sample the material from the rectangle and applied it to the curved surface.

Or with Fredos ThruPaint as a part of FredoTools:

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