Terrain extension exercise

I’m doing the Terrain and Grading Extension exercises. Can someone help using Soap Skin Bubble? I’m getting this message:

The extension works with new simple geometries but it’s not working in this case.
I’m including the file below.
Thank you

01_Terrain_SSBubble.skp (265.2 KB)

Zoom in to the point on your curve that the wertical line points to. Remove the bad geometry and weld the edges of that curve together.

SSB should work fine after that.

Thanks Dave. I followed your suggestions, it worked the first time, but now I am getting the same
“You must select three or more edges in a closed group”

  1. Hide walls and walk
  2. Applied SSB. Made it a group.
  3. When I went to set the Pressure (edit group), that same prompt (above) appeared.

Am I working in the wrong order? Now it won’t even let me apply SS again.

I’m not sure your steps are complete or correct. After fixing the bum geometry and welding the edges (which you must do while editing the group), select the edges, run Skin and let it do its thing. Then, if you want to change the parameters, select the resulting group, select the appropriate tool and make the setting.

Select edges and run Skin - OK
BUT when I try to set Bubble Pressure I get the prompt YOU MUST SELECT GROUP CREATED WITH SOAP SKIN.
Well, I have ALREADY created a group with Soap Skin, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

The process of making the skin creates a group inside your group of edges. Are you selecting it like I show in my GIF?

It’s already blue when the skin is created. Is there another way to ‘select’?

At the point shown in your screen shot, you haven’t completed the skin yet. You need to hit Enter so the skin will be created. Look at my GIF again and watch how the skin is created and shows as unselected after I hit Enter.

I got stuck in this part of the tutorial too using their files. I don’t recall how I got over it but the prescribed steps were not entirely clear and error felt unavoidable.

Dave, I have selected the edges as you show and hit ENTER. Still shows as selected.


Now I am back to where I was first - I am selecting the edges and still getting this error message. My steps are as you directed.
01_Terrain_SSBubble.skp (262.2 KB)

I think you are still missing something. Now you’ve got the edges double wrapped.

I want to watch you run SSB. I’ll send you a PM shortly.

Solving for your situation:

Basic learning of Soap Skin Bubble:

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Thank you!