Soap skin & Bubble bug


I have a issue with the extension soap skin & bubble - for some unknown reason it creates extra unwanted lines. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling sketchup and the extension, and it is isolated to a single user. (who has just changed computers and it has followed along?!)

I also have tried upgrade to pro for a trial period, but still no difference


How about sharing the SKP file so we can see what you’ve got and try it for ourselves.

If it’s really a bug with Soap Skin and Bubble, you’ll probably need to contact the author directly. I don’t remember ever seeing him active here.

What version of SketchUp? Please complete your profile.


33.skp (936.0 KB)
Thanks, @DaveR. File attached.
I am aware that the author is not particularly active on this forum, but it seemed to be my best chance.

As an alternative, we are using Curviloft, but sometimes old habits die hard, and some people struggle to change.

We are all running SketchUp Pro 18


When I run SSB on this it seems to work fine?
Might it be worth retracing the edges again over the top of what you have and see if works?


I just ran it with your model. After removing the straight lines and welding the segments in the curves on each side, it worked fine for me with 24 divisions. No bug here. When you were running it, were your curves welded or exploded?

Here’s 48


When I ran it I used the curves in the original model but tried it both ways (exploded left) and it appeared to produce the same results