Issue with Soap Skin & Bubble on Sketchup 2021


Somehow the plugin “Soap Skin & Bubble” is not working on Sketchup 2021? is it something related to a new update?

Thank you!

Do you know how to use it? How exactly does it not work?
(most recent versions SU2021 and SSB)

Yes I know how to use it. I just need to uninstall it and install it again I think. Thanks though.

I’m also having issues with it on 2021. The initial skinning works, but trying to change pressure causes it to hang. Eventually my screen turns white and I have to kill off Sketchup.

Anybody knows if updated version is already out? I remember it is scheduled to expire 2021 April. Thanks!

Has anybody found a solution to this problem? I’m having the same problem in SU 2021. The soap bubble creates fine, but trying to add pressures causes SU to freeze and I have to kill the program.

Usually pilot error. Can you show us what you are doing, or attach the model.

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It’s working fine for me in SU2021.

I had this issue before but now it’s working fine on SU21. Try to uninstall it and install it again. Make sure when you create the surface to click on : image It should work fine.

I ended up getting it to work by reinstalling it. Though I didn’t get errors the first time around, something obviously ‘broke’. A second install seemed to do the trick and I now can inflate/deflate.

Good luck!

Awesome, that’s simple enough! Thank you for replying!