Soap skin not working in sketchup 2024

makes a surface but nothing else works. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling. and putting the surface alone on a sketchup file…

I’m using sketchup 2024 free 8 day trail

It works for me. Did you find the plugin update?
Maybe your free 2024 SketchUp plan is not supported…

I checked the extension manager and it doesn’t tell me that this plugin needs updating

Weird because every other plugin works so why won’t this one work :frowning:

Please update your forum profile. What operating system version are you actually running? Sometimes this is relevant to why things don’t work.

You mean I say what sketchup verison I’m using? Done I wrote it on my post

Not only the Sketchup version, but also the operating system and version.

No, there is no ‘free plan 2024’ and 2024 is not an operating system.

Are you on windows or Mac?
Are you using SketchUp Pro 2024?

Windows 11

The “free plan” is clarified in the first post to mean the free trial. There may be no other way to express that in the forum registration page. But, as noted, 2024 is not an operating system nor a version of that operating system. Good values would be things like Windows 11, or macOS Sonoma 14.5

No just sketchup 2024 not pro

If you can load extensions you are using Pro.


okay so i tired it on my friends laptop she has sketchup 2023 pro… also not working

is there something im missing while using the plugin? i create the skin, divide it, then add prsssure value, then press the play button correct?

i discovered my problem… i just wasnt pressing enter two times after wrtiting the skin division value.

at the first enter it divides the surface

at the second enter it makes the surface bubbles up