Plugin soapskinbubble doesn't work

I have a problem with plugin in sketchup, after installation in sketchup2013 plugins - soapskinbubble still doesn’t work, maybe someone have the same problem and know the answer why it happens?

Where did you get it to install it? The Extension is a time limited one and you periodically need to install a fresh copy of it.

I install it today :frowning:

By “doesn’t work” do you mean it doesn’t produce the desired result or doesn’t show up in the toolbar at all? I recall it took some time for me before I figured out how to properly use that plugin, so maybe you’re having the same trouble?

I see the icons on toolbar, but when I try to use it SU show me the window “Timelimie finished”

Try to update to the most recent version.

Soapskinbubble’s each patch had sort of the time limit to how long the plugin would work for. Then you just had to update the plugin to get it working again.

But where did you get it from and when did you get it?

I downoload plugins form SU page, and it was yesterday, I checked date on rb file and it is from 2013,maybe someone could send me the link with most recent version?

Thanks for everything, I found good version, bye :slight_smile: