Soap skin & bubble extension--Timelimit finished



Im getting this error “timelimit finish”. Im using soap skin bubble extension


That’s not an error. For whatever reason the author made it time limited. Download and install a fresh copy of it.


just the new installation finish and used it and it work, ur answer pop-up :thumbsup:


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i did try uninstalling and installing it again on my PC but the problem still persists. what do i do?
I use sketchup 2015 pro.


Did you get a fresh copy of the extension from the Extension Warehouse? It says there that the extension expires April 2018.


HI,. it-s me Karin…i´ve got the same problem with: timeline is finished…and it will not intall teh soap skin & bubbles, as it there is a warning, saying: not signed!
How can i get to this wonderful plug in?

cheers, Karin


Although it is not signed, SSB should work as long as you have the current version installed.


Even though I have reïnstalled the plugin, by downloading a new copy, placing it in the sketchup folder (removing the old copy) and installing it when in Sketchup, I still get the ‘Timelimit’ warning.

Does anyone knows what I am doing wrong?