SoapSkinBubble issue

I’m getting an error message every time I open up SU '21. I know that it’s just because some stray files found their way into the Extensions folder. I’m too lazy to clean out the files, is there a way to hide the error message?

EDIT: Bubble tool crashes SU

Side note: whenever I use the Bubble tool (soap skin) SU (21) crashes. Even on a brand new model, even when I’ve just opened up my computer after days of not using it.
It says “not responding”. I left it while I went out, came back hours later and it was exactly as I’d left it.

Seriously? Just click OK and the load errors will go away.

It would take you seconds to clean up the Plugins folder and you’d get rid of the error messages permanently.

That’s not crashing. That’s telling you that SketchUp is busy doing something and won’t respond to further input until it’s completed its current task. What is it you’re trying to do with the extension?

There’s looaaads.

If I click OK, yeah it goes away but it comes back every time I start SU.

To make a slope with pressure (bubble tool)

Of course it will. If you don’t want it to come back every time you start SU, fix the load errors. Clicking OK on startup is the tradeoff for being too lazy to fix the problem.

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got.

Campus.skp (8.9 MB)
Doing the patch of grass (the only one that’s curved)

There is a command you can type in the Ruby console that disables plugins altogether, but I doubt if that is what you want. However, until you clean out the junk, you are likely to encounter errors in the plugins you want to use, too.

Did you generate that patch of grass with the Soap Skin Bubble extension?

Yeah. But the bubble tool freezes SU

OK I’ll clean it now :roll_eyes:

The geometry in that group doesn’t look like the geometry created by SSB. It should look something like this.

I might have made it with from contours actually.
Can’t remember but pretty sure it was ssb

I don’t think so.

Here it’s made with SSB.

OK probably ssb then.
When you press Bubble, that’s when it freezes (forever)

No. Yours was not created with SSB. The geometry is wrong. Try again using Soap Skin Bubble to generate the surface.

Sorry I’m tired. That was an error lol.

I meant sandbox :man_facepalming:

I did try SSB but when it crashed, I decided to use sandbox instead

Soap Skin Bubble only works on surfaces that it creates.