Soap Skin Bubble Crashing A lot

I have been using soap skin bubble for a few years. I have noticed that it crashes a whole lot. Once you set your divisions higher than 20 it is very prone to crashing. To make the bubble look as real as possible I have to increase it to make is smooth. I was wondering if there is a better extension out there that can withstand more bubbles within the same file? It is such a pain when I have to work from three separate files to get all of the bubbles into one project. I do not like toposhaper and I use from contours when I have the established contours. But I am trying to create sexy smooth burms and swales.

I have been using it for few years as well.
In my experience, the division count matters less than the actual edge count of the loop you are using.

Sharp corners with lots of edges around the curve tends to throw more cashes i feel.

Try simplifying the curve?

I will definitely keep that in mind today while I create many more soap bubbles. I usually use the freehand tool to draw my berms (soap bubbles). I will try using arcs and lines so that there are less edges.

Thanks for the response.

I think freehand relatively creates less amount of edges. Although it really depends.
Perhaps reduce amount of sharp corners as well.

Good luck.

I’m not sure why you would do this freehand. The various arc tools, beziers and such combined with Tig’s Extrusion tools or Fredo’s Curviloft would make your shapes accurately in seconds.

I’m having a crashing issue too but it’s different than yours. When I adjust the pressure and type a number for the ratio, if I go higher than 3 it starts to explode in a way. The iterations go on forever and I need to close the SketchUp window. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Or even what I’m talking about? lol