Cannot create soap skin bubble

Hi all,

I am currently following a tutorial exercise on SketchUp for Landscape and Site Design.
I fail to create a soap skin for the terrain.
I have checked all lines are connected and closed.
Can anyone sort out where is the problem? Thanks!

I am trying to create a terrain between the two slope walks, highlighted in blue (or the green area)


Landscape exercise.skp (8.2 MB)

Edit Group, then try SSB
Create groups for all other construction elements (walls, alleys, stairs, etc.).

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Thanks for the reply,
I have followed the exact same step to delete the extra line, but the dialogue box still pop up and said " you must select three or more edge in the closed-loop"
What does that mean? Do you have other ideas on what I may have done wrong in the process? Thanks!

Link to my updated file
Landscape exercise.skp (8.3 MB)

It seems it works now suddenly, after I save it and reopen the file and try the skin bubble once again,
But I have no clue how it works …

But I find out I cannot add pressure to the bubble…

Enter the following in a Google search: soap skin bubble SketchUp. The result will deliver several tutorials about the plugin.

Select the new surface, then apply the pressure.

Somehow, you managed to wrap the geometry in two layers of groups. Unnecessary.