Soap skin bubble, come up with strange shape

Hi, come anyone explain this problem?
Did I do anything wrong, or it is laptop hardware problem? I am using Dell Inspiron 5510 I711370H
Thx !

Aug 11 soap skin

I can’t see the numbers you are entering but I expect that’s the issue.

I am just typing the typical ratio 1, 1.2, 5, 10.
The problem start occurring when I type 5 and 10.
When type 1 from 10, the shape does not restore to shape it was too

Might be worth trying to contact the extension author through the Extension Warehouse.

I’m not seeing that in a model I just set up.

Can you share the file?

I just make a simple shape, from scratch file, nothing special.

I have just reinstalled the extension, the problem still exists.
Anyway, thanks for the replies!

I did the same thing; a simple rectangle and then applied SSB. In SketchUp 2022, too.

Might be a long shot but did you install SketchUp correctly. That means right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator.


Btw, can I know what the x/y ratio in SSB really means? Thanks!

See: Unbenannte Seite