Texture on round surface


I need a little help on this one, see the image. How can I fix the
surface and have a full material

Hello. Here’s a possible workaround. First of all, remove that texture from the model and let’s start from scratch. If your surface is smoothed, turn on your hidden geometry from View > Hidden Geometry. You need to find a face plane that is parallel to the ground.

Select the face and apply your texture to it.


  1. turn off hidden geometry
  2. select the texture face (only the face, no edges)
  3. right click on the face > Texture > Projected

  1. hold down the Alt button and click on the texture to pick it up again.
  2. click on your curvy face

You should get something similar to this:

Your difficult point is to find a plane that is parallel to the ground. If you share your model, we could give the example on it. Hope this is helpful.


I just have to check @VahePaulman, are you painting the back faces?
It looks like that from the colour in your screenshots.

No, haha! My back faces have a darker hue. Those are front faces. :slight_smile:

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Just needed to check, as many people don’t get the difference.

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Thanks for your help

I try the same method you show me, step by step an normaly
I do everything easy, but this one dont work.

See in attachement my file
COMP-COVER TEST.skp (612,4 Ko)

You are 90% there. If you check your parallel plane texture (right click > Texture) you will see there is a checkmark beside Projected.

Now select the Paintbucket Tool > hold down Alt > click on the texture that you applied > release Alt > click on the curved surfaces to paint with the projected texture. You should get this:

Here’s a video about projected textures - SketchUp: Mapping photo textures to curved surfaces

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I just got it, it don’t work with alt, i take the little pipe to chose
the texture and when I choose it that change to paint bucket
and just apply.

Thanks Vahé, I really appreciated your help

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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