Applying texture to curved surface


Continuing the discussion from Bending a boat side, taken from a cardboard model:

I’ve tried to apply the method described in this post

but that seems to apply to orienting the texture, not positioning it.

Here’s the model with a (flat) side having the texture.

As can be seen, the texture isn’t projecting as I would want, though I can see why it isn’t. The texture from the ‘flat’ side isn’t correct, but needs the distortion that bending it would bring.

What I can’t see is whether it’s possible to fix this? Perhaps use shape bender to curve the side, view it in parallel projection, then take a screenshot to get the texture with the right distortion to fit the curved side?
Hull.skp (1.2 MB)

[LATER] Can’t get Shape Bender to bend the side to a sensible curve. I thoght there might be a stray edge on the curve, not welded in, but if so I can’t see it.

I have started trying to draw lines on the curved side, to try to apply the white and red stripes on separate sections, but if that’s the only way to do it, it will be very tedious, and quite hard to select the bands across the hull side.


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