Curved/twised surface issues

(note, this post originally had images directly in the post but I’m a new guy here so I can’t do that more than once. So here is a link to all the images -

Hi guys, I’ve been working on this model for a few days now and I can’t seem to get it right. I have a uniquely curved plane that is impossible to get right.

Here are a few images of the shape’s edges.

I tried using a stitch method that works alright until I add a texture to it. The texture looks cut up and I need this plane to have a smooth texture. Here is what I mean.

without edges and profiles …

I even tried making edits to the texture map in Blender then exporting it to UE4 and it still comes out nasty.

Is there a technique for making a smoother curve here? Is there an extension I can use or a way to use multiple shapes to create this surface?

Maybe add detail/smooth?

Or should I be working on arranging the texture map in Blender to remedy this?

If anyone has any ideas please help me out. This project is way overdue. :frowning:

Could you upload your SU model file too? I can’t quite work out from the images what the shape is that you are trying to texture.

PS. It might be sufficient to select the face(s) you are having trouble with, then right-click and use Soften/Smooth - that way, the connected faces will behave more-or-less as one when applying the texture, and it will get rid of the visible lines on the twisted surface.

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