Solid tools not cutting thru curved surface

Odd issue, but i have a very large block with rounded corners, and i am using a long cylinder to cut holes in the block but for some reason it wont cut it threw the curved surface. I have done this many many times before. However, if i move the tube over just a little, it cuts just fine. I also know its not a tiny face issue because i scaled the part by 1000 and it still does the same thing. So i scaled it back down. I have used solid tools many times to cut threw curved surfaces such as spheres, rounded corners, or whatever with no issue:) thanks

gearbox.skp (639.3 KB)

Because the hole you are creating is touching one edge it is falling foul of the Bow tie effect. It’s a well know bug that occurs when you try to draw a shape within a shape that only connects to one edge.


well cuss words!. that sucks. Is there a work around for this? i could move it ever so slightly but then the part is out of spec.

Im guessing using native tools wont accomplish this since solid tools uses native functions, just faster.

It is a very interesting and frustrating bug haha. and my first time running into it


If it was me I would select the straight edges and move them slightly, do the subtract then move the edges back. You may need to delete the faces created in the holes when you move the edges back.

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True, i can move that edge. I was going to move the cutting tool a thousandths of an inch or less to see if that would help. But moving the line seems easier haha. Thanks for that. I never move lines or edges so i dont look at it that way. I keep thinking the lines are locked. In other modeling programs that i ised for years, object get locked down/constrained and moving them becomes difficult haha