I can't make this solid

I need to cut the attached shape out of a block, which I figure I need the subtract function for. This geometry was uploaded from a .SAT file, and neither SolidSolver nor Solid Inspector2 will properly make this shape solid. Could someone help me out by making this shape a solid, and provide some pointers on how to do it myself? thanks!

need_solid.skp (548.8 KB)

You need to edit the component and fix the problems show by Solid Inspector.
If you click on one of the lines in the Solid Inspector panel and then hit Tab, it’ll take you to the problem spot so you can see it clearly. Hiding some of the outside faces can be helpful, too.

I saw those too but I’m not entirely sure how to accurately trace/fix the faults Solid Inspector shows.

You might find it useful to run CleanUp3 on the model to get rid a bunch of the garbage geometry that isn’t needed. That helped to clean it up. I also foundf that there was some bad geometry in the right half so I cut the component in half and then copied the left half to make the right half.

There is still some goofy geometry in it. If it were my model, I would be inclined to redraw it from scratch and make it clean.

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can you post that file? thanks!

Sorry. I didn’t save it.

I’ll try it myself. How did you cut in half without it being solid?

You don’t need a component to be a solid to cut it. In this case, open the component for editing and draw a rectangle that cuts through it on the center line. Select all of the geometry right click and choose Intersect Faces>With Selected. Then erase the bit you don’t need.