Cant make design into solid component. Any Help!

I am trying to create this into a solid component but cant seem to accomplish this for some reason. I need it to be a solid component to edit into reverse mold design. can anyone tell me what I am not doing? Or even turn this into a Solid Component? I have spent way too long on this(2.5 hours) and am just too inexperienced.

I am working in Sketchup Make 2016 and need this 3d model to import to my VCarve Pro 8(stl, v3m, 3ds, 3dm, skp).

Gun Tip half.skp (134.3 KB)

I am willing to hire someone.

Here you go. Too tired to explain how, was too easy to fix.
Gun Tip half.fixedskp.skp (217.7 KB)
Feel free to give my wages to a plugin author.


done. who and how much?

Any and all of them. I didn’t need a plugin to fix your model so I wouldn’t be that specific. But just be aware of all the great work they do pretty much for free, so when you use a free plugin hit the donate button and give them something. How much is up to you. We all have different standards of living so what is best for you is appropriate.

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what i down loaded seems to be a component

Gun Tip half hmm.skp (291.2 KB)

The original model is a component made up of many components and isn’t a solid.
Your component it a nested component but still isn’t a solid.
My repaired component is a single solid component.